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For those that don’t know me, I am Brad Webb, Co-Founder of State-Of-The-Art-Sites. Many of you probably know me from our popular first launch, State-Of-The-Art-Mailer which currently has over 45,000 members. I am also at the top of many affiliate programs under the user name – stateoftheartsites or bradwebb.

As a branded marketer and website owner, I am contacted often by those just starting out in internet marketing. Since many of the questions are of the same nature and my responses are based on my own experience, I thought I would put together a website on what worked for me. So here we go….

Over the years, I dabbled online jumping in and out of affiliate programs here and there but really just considered it a hobby. However, in 2008 after a series of unfortunate events, I found myself depending on my online efforts to create a full-time income. It was a rough time for a lot of people as it was during the heart of the financial crisis that shook our economy and financial system.

Frustrated Man Worries About Economy, Unpaid Bills and RetiremenOut of that necessity, I created a “marketing blueprint” for myself to follow which would take me where I needed to go. My techie know-how was virtually nonexistent so my methods are built for those without a clue which happened to be me at the time.

My story isn’t dissimilar to other turnaround stories, but unlike most, there was no “secret formula” or “black hat” method I discovered that would make me instantly rich while others failed. The methods I describe below require work, time, and patience.

I know that isn’t a popular thing to say so if you are turned off by it, read no further and continue your search for that “secret method the gurus won’t share with you.” I can tell you from personal experience that it doesn’t exist. Any program or person claiming success can be done quickly with minimal effort on your part is just trying to get your money like this guy to the left. phpxPxBYtAM

This is not a guide to get rich in 30 days. It’s a guide to get you started and at the end of 30 days, you’ll start to experience the fruits of your labor. I’ve been at it since 2008 using this model and I make a nice full-time living online now. You can too!

The “Four Golden Rules” When Getting Started Online:

1. Build Your Traffic Resources FIRST Then Find A Primary Business.

2. When It Comes To Traffic Systems, “Money Saves Time And Time Saves Money.”

3. Find A Primary Business And Stick To It.

4. Connect With Those That Can Do What You Cannot.

Rule#1: Traffic Resources FIRST – All too often, we come online and get intrigued by those instant money programs that require little to no effort on your part. We’ve all fallen victim to those programs and most of us will waste some or a lot of money chasing them.

There’s a dirty little secret many of these site owners know and it’s this… “You are NOT GOING TO SUCCEED if you cannot drive traffic to what it is they offer.” They know it so well that many will use the “no recruiting necessary” sales pitch to get you to buy into their program knowing you’re going to fail.

That’s where Rule#1 comes into play. Before you consider joining any primary program, you have got to build up your traffic resources first. That may seem obvious to most but you would be surprised how many people skip this step because of the pull of instant riches.

Even if you followed this necessary first step, it can be a challenge to know what to join and what to avoid. I have spent years sifting through, and spending money on, good and bad traffic programs. Here’s a FULL LIST of what I retained and use on a daily basis. I will be updating that list often to remove programs that no longer exist but most are programs I’ve had for years that are proven.

Whether you join them here or not, it’s important to build traffic programs first. The beauty for those just starting out is that most traffic generation websites will offer commissions for your referrals…. even if you are a FREE member. It’s a way to build your traffic resources and make some money at the same time.

Success Tip: Never stop building your traffic resources. There is no such thing as too much traffic. Even after you evolve to higher levels, you never stop doing this. There are plenty of online millionaires that continue to promote on daily basis… follow their lead.

Rule# 2: Money Saves Time And Time Saves Money – If you are like me when I first started, you don’t have the money you think you need to get started building traffic programs….. and that’s where you would be wrong.

You see, many traffic generating websites owners want one of two things from you and they are both important. 1) Your money, which will immediately get you traffic without much of an effort on your part… OR… 2) Your time, which is what it will take for you to gain traffic without paying for it.

Most traffic generating websites operate by generating…. well traffic. This traffic mostly  comes from those being rewarded (through credits or other incentives) by visiting websites promoted by other members. The more you view as a free member, they more people you can reach with your own offers.

Now you might be thinking at this point, “why would I want to promote to a bunch of broke people like me?”

That’s understandable and I thought the same thing myself early on. However, as I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of people that will skip the traffic generation step and want to go into a business opportunity right away. People also find a way to come up with money if they want something bad enough or see the value in having it. I can also tell you from my own experience, I still view and join many programs I see being promoted by others using these sites…. even as a paid member.

Don’t assume people are not having success promoting in this way. If that was the case, these programs wouldn’t last for long. Ask anybody that has been around for any amount of time online and they will tell you these traffic generating programs are critical to their online marketing efforts.

Success Tip: Promote ONLY traffic generating systems on other traffic generating systems and use the commissions to upgrade on them one at a time. This tip will eventually remove the work of being a FREE member and allow you to expand and evolve your online efforts.

Traffic Trap Warning: It’s important to work yourself out of being a FREE members on these sites by using commissions to upgrade on a few. There are far too many people online that spend years promoting traffic systems and don’t expand beyond that realm. It’s an easy trap to get stuck in if you don’t work yourself out of it by upgrading on some of these programs. Your online success depends on evolving to bigger and better things which I speak of below.

Rule#3: Find A Primary Business And Stick To It – Now that we’ve built up your traffic generating resources, you are ready to incorporate a primary business as a part of your online marketing effort.

When will you know you’re ready for this step?

There really is no general rule of thumb. I had reached a level where I was able to recruit a good portion of people into my traffic programs and I was ready to test that out on a primary business. I would say if you are showing up on contest leader boards or capable of building a sizable downline in any given program, it might be time to move to this step.

How do know which primary business to join?

In most cases, your primary business will change over the course of time as your interests or skill level changes. As you become more proficient at marketing, you will also be able to handle more than just one primary business. However, don’t push it too early in the game or you will become the Jack of all trades and master of none while trying to make money online. Below are examples of my primary business and my sub-primary businesses.

My Primary Business

Digital Marketing Administrator:  As the Co-Founder and Operator of my own Digital Marketing company, my primary business IS my own business which is the Operational Manager of the email advertising website SOTAM and the banner advertising website BoB.

I can’t say this enough so I’ll say it again, I don’t recommend joining too many primary programs right out of the gate. However, as your efficiencies improve and you are able to automate a good portion of your advertising arsenal, feel to join as many as you can keep up with.

Rule#4: Connect With Those That Can Do What You Cannot – Obviously, following this “marketing blueprint” with a heavy focus on generating traffic had a slight impact on me. I spent hours studying and watching the owners of these websites and how they operated. It intrigued me so much that I finally decided to give a try myself.

My first website was a Text Ad Exchange that pulled in about 1,800 members. To be perfectly honest, I was completely thrilled when I had my very first member. Hey, the way I saw it was I built something that at least one person was interested in…. lol

Anyway, to say it was a trial by fire experience would be an understatement. I spent hours trying to figure out all the nuances of how things worked in a script, as well as, a server.

What I eventually learned is that I have a pretty good understanding how the engineering/design of traffic websites should work but I was not so good when it came to building them. Flash forward a few months later and I had connected with partners that knew the “techie” part of the business while my engineering and marketing background served them as well.

Partnership Warning: Partners will come in and out of your business as their needs and yours change. It’s not uncommon for partners to grow in different directions and part ways so don’t let a change in personnel derail you and your business. If at all possible maintain that relationship, and if not, be professional in how you part ways because you never know when you’ll cross paths again. As the old saying goes, “never burn bridges.” 

The point is this… everybody has a skill somebody else needs. As you go through this journey online, you are going to run across people that are strong where you lack. Stay connected with them and when you’ve evolved to a level you’re comfortable with, join forces with them and build something together. That’s how State-Of-The-Art-Mailer and BucketsofBanners became what they are today.

In Summary: “The money is in the list” is something you are going to hear a lot online. This is absolutely correct but when you are first starting out, it can be a bit overwhelming to generate a following when you are still trying to find your way around. Regardless, I tried this approach because some successful marketers said this was the way to succeed. After several failed attempts, I decided to create my own system which I’m sharing with you today.

Is it the right path for you?

That depends on your current knowledge level and what skills you already possess. For me, this approach helped me evolve my techie and marketing skills online. I’ve also met some pretty amazing people along the way that probably wouldn’t have given me the time of day if I would have gone down another path.

Whether you choose to follow this path or create your own like I did, it’s important that you continue to evolve and grow. There is no difference between what you do online versus offline. As your skills, networking, and overall abilities improve, so will your income and the value of what you can offer to others.

It is widely accepted that bad habits can be broken in just 30 days. I believe the same holds true for forming good habits in the same amount of time. The “Four Golden Rules” listed above do work but they also require you follow some good working habits.

Planning, Action And Consistency Always Wins The Game.

To Your Success!

Brad Webb

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