The Online Advertising World Is Bigger Than You Know.

Limiting Your Reach Because Of Your Need To Categorize Could Be Costing You Big Time.

With all the flood of new mailers hitting the market, I thought it would be a good time to drop some advise on what to look for when choosing a mailer, or any advertising resource for that matter, especially for those that are new to this game.

Throw Out Your Allegiances And Get With The Programs:

If you’ve seen my posts, interviews, or spreecast conversations, you know that I’m a fan of every advertising resource available. When I’m asked, “what is your favorite way to advertise?” My answer is always the same…..

“I’m connected to all and loyal to none.”

Some might wonder what I mean by that statement and to really “get it,” you need to have a basic understanding of human behavior. You see, as human beings, we like to categorize things around us. It is our way of making sense of the world and processing large amounts of information that we are constantly bombarded with on a daily basis.

If you’ve spent any amount of time advertising online, you have no doubt seen this need to “categorize” happen in advertising communities. The Safelist and Traffic Exchange communities debated for years on which was the best advertising resource. Many people still have allegiances to one or the other but not both even today.

When it comes to advertising resources, do yourself a favor and fight that pesky need to choose one over another. I’ve seen so many people aligning themselves with one single community (or marketing resource) and wouldn’t dare cross over to the other side because that would be disloyal. That’s just ridiculous behavior that will end up costing you in the end by limiting your marketing efforts. Avoid it and become a “marketing drifter” that shows up everywhere.

Guideline #1: Join Everything And Be Loyal To Nothing.

To Your Success!

Brad Webb

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