Advertising In Bitcoin Sites. Part 3 of 6.

If you are following this series, by now you have joined some Bitcoin Faucets or Advertising websites that reward Bitcoin for viewing ads as I recommended in prior articles. You may have even purchased Bitcoins via Coinbase. As I mention in my Buying and Selling Guide, I use approximately 50% of my Bitcoins for advertising and hold the remaining portion as a long-term investment. That’s not investment advice but merely sharing what I do as it applies to advertising with Bitcoin.

In this relatively short summary on Advertising in Bitcoin sites, I’m going to share the results of two campaigns I ran that had dramatically different results.

I’ve joined some additional sites since I wrote the first Bitcoin Basics article so a couple of these sites have not been referenced before. The site I advertise on is (Updated: (09/10/2020): InfinityTrafficBoost.

If you have surfed some of these sites to gain Bitcoins, you have probably  noticed that just about everything being promoted has something to do with Bitcoin. There are very few websites being promoted that doesn’t have at least some kind reference to Bitcoin. There’s a reason for that which I found out later.

In my test, I tried advertising a site that doesn’t have anything to do with Bitcoin and the results were average. As the owner of a digital marketing company, I’ll be the first to say that you can’t form a conclusion with just a few campaigns so I wouldn’t read too much into that. However, I did want to see what would happen if I created my own splash page with a Bitcoin offer embedded. That resulted in me getting several sign-ups even though many of the sites I tested were being actively promoted in those sites by other members.

My Conclusion:

Effective advertising is all about original content and providing something of interest to your prospects. In my campaign example, you may think providing a Bitcoin offer to those already interested in Bitcoin is just common sense. It is, but too often most people use the same promotional tools supplied by website owners and not something original. That is normally due to the lack of technical knowledge needed to create such a thing. (Update: 9/10/2020) Branding is always important in your advertising versus using copy and paste ad copy or banners. Read the following article to learn how to use banners to improve your own personal brand.

It’s not uncommon for a campaign to fail several times before you find the right ad. The key to a successful campaign is testing, testing, and more testing. Once you find something that works, replicate, replicate, and replicate again.

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Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is solely for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as an offer to buy or sell. I am merely sharing strategies I have used in the past, that were not developed by me but taught by others, when it comes to investing. As with any investment, you should consult a licensed financial advisor prior to implementing any investment strategy. I am not a investment advisor, broker, or dealer and not liable for errors, omissions, or losses as a result of the use of this content.

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