EasyHits4U – Huge Traffic Exchange PLUS My Strategy On Using It.

EasyHits4U Surprising Strategy I Use To Keep My Ads Consistently Running.

  • Random Referrals (Upgraded) – The upgraded price is very reasonable and you truly get random referrals as you’ll see from my screenshot.
  • Downline Credit Earnings- You gain credits from your downline members activity on 5 levels as a free member and 6 levels as a paid member.
  • Size and Activity – As of this post, EasyHit4U has over 600,000 members and an Alexa ranking under 1,000 worldwide. This is a very active advertising website.

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As of this posting, EasyHits4U is moving in on almost 600,000 members and growing at a rate of around 400 per day.

I joined this massive Traffic Exchange back in December of 2009 but never really did much with it but run an occasional ad in the website surf section.

After purchasing some credits and burning through them like a hot knife through butter, I decided to convert some credits into banner impressions and give that a shot.

Run Banner Impressions Versus The EasyHits4U Surf Area.

I was pleasantly pleased and a little shocked with my results. The burn rate was at a reasonable level with a surprising number of people clicking on my banners.

I became an instant fan and decided to upgrade to the 6 month membership. The price was very fair and since random referrals were a part of the package, I went for it.

I am always looking for ways to reduce the amount of time I spend recruiting and random referrals is a great way to build a downline with minimal effort on my part.

I have remained upgraded since February of 2010, and since then, I have received 44 random referrals on top of my own recruiting efforts for a total downline of 1005 members.

I also picked up a few “recruiters” in my downline and since EasyHits4U gives you a portion of your downlines credits 6 levels deep when upgraded, I have an abundance of credits each time I log in.

The beauty of this advertising resource is that I rarely spend time surfing for credits anymore. My routine consists of logging in every 3 days, converting my credits to banner impressions, and assigning those impressions to my active banners.

Banner advertising is one of the most effective methods to create a brand and gain passive recruiting over a long period of time. While EasyHits4U isn’t a banner exchange, I have been using it as one with my strategy because I was not a fan of how fast the credits burn in the surf area.

My recommendation is to sign up and follow the same strategy. With time, it will prove to build a substantial downline and become a nice passive advertising resource for you.

You can join by clicking [HERE]

To Your Success!

Brad Webb

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