Email-Hog – Promises Guaranteed Results Or Your Credits Back.

Email-Hog Is Proof That A Standard Script Can Become More Than Just A Clone.

  • Guaranteed Results Or Your Credits Back – The admin guarantees you at least a 2% click-through rate or you get your credits back. My average runs around 3% for the list mailer and 7% for solo ads.
  • Click Qualifiers – There are weekly contest rewards of cash and advertising for your activity.
  • Top 10 Picks – Marty Petrizza posts a monthly “Top 10 Picks” where she publishes 10 of her own personal highest producing safelists/mailers.

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All too often in the mailer/safelist community you’ll see a generic script developed and put up for sale to the masses. You may not know when it happens but one of the side-effects is a whole string of new site launches plague the market.

Most of these launches are the same script being used over and over with some different graphics plugged in. At some point you’ll hear the term “cloned” after about 10 or more hit the market.

I’m not here to debate whether these “clones” are good for the market or not. I personally think they can have a good and bad effect on the market. All to often, many of these site owners are looking to make a quick buck and within a matter of weeks or months most will die out. This is known as the “flash and crash syndrome” and you can waste a lot of money on temporary advertising chasing them.

Because of the size of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, we are often contacted and asked if we will endorse some of these new launches. Obviously, it would be ridiculous to endorse and promote one cloned site after another so we established a new policy for our company a few months back.

In general, we are only endorsing these scripts if they withstand the test of time and have incorporated some unique features that provide value to their members. The good side-effect is a handful of these sites will stand the test of time and become a nice advertising resource as a result.

Email-Hog from Marty Petrizza is one of those sites.

As of this post, Email-Hog has been ranked in the Top 21 Safelists on ListHoopla for months and continues to grow and produce solid results. This is most likely the result of strong website engineering and Marty herself for being an active and engaged admin.

As always, if you are going to spend money on upgrading, do it where the website is going to stick around for years to maximize your advertising dollar.

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Brad Webb

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