Pure Leverage Is Launched With Incredible Success By GVO Founder, Joel Therien.

Pure Leverage Expands The GVO Offering With Brand New Tools & Higher Level Access To Existing Tools… PLUS 100% Commissions.


  • 100% Commissions – There are 2 options that allow you to capture 100% commissions on multiple levels. Existing GVO member? You might already be losing commissions. Read on to see what happened to me.
  • Auto-Responder – Capture a list up to 10,000 at one fixed cost. For those using Aweber, you know what it feels like to watch your cost go up with your list size.
  • Video Email – Video marketing has been widely used because it converts better than traditional ad copy. I have avoided this in the past due to advertising “clutter” on YouTube videos and the alternative of hosting my own videos using Amazon is too costly. That’s about to change with this option.

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If you’ve spent any amount of time whatsoever online, you’ve probably run across a GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) advertisement from the buffed out, Ferrari-driving, multimillionaire that is Joel Therien.  There is no disrespect in that statement as Joel is all 3 of those things and proud of it.

The reason GVO ads are everywhere is Joel’s ability to recruit a rather substantial army of affiliates. He does so by stacking value to the point of being ridiculous. In a nutshell, GVO is the “walmart” of internet marketing tools all packaged up in one sweet discount.

Simply put, if you are going to do business online, most everything that is offered in GVO is going to be necessary. However, to go out and purchase each one of these tools individually would cost hundreds of dollars a month and wouldn’t make sense.

At this point, you might be thinking this is a post about GVO versus Pure Leverage. It isn’t but to fully understand just what Joel has done with Pure Leverage, you’ll need to understand the GVO offering and how Pure Leverage fits into it.

So what’s Joel adding to Pure Leverage that is different from GVO?

Some of the offerings in Pure Leverage are the same features that are offered in GVO but at a higher level. An example of this would be the Auto-Responder that allows you to capture up to 10,000 leads at a fixed cost and a 100 seat Live Meeting/Conference Room. 

Some new offerings that haven’t been seen before include….

The Elite Coaching Program where you’ll learn how to leverage your team, what to say to prospects, how to motivate, and proven attraction marketing techniques that will have your prospects calling you. The Turbo Traffic Generation recommends over a dozen traffic generation options and media buys that can build your downline on autopilot.

As of this posting, the Authority Blog has not been activated as of yet but is in development. The concept behind the authority blog is to develop a blog for you with high-ranking properties already built into it. I’m excited to see how this plays out.

As mentioned above in the “I Like This” section, my favorite offering are….

My favorite: 100% Commissions – Probably one of the most widely touted features of Pure Leverage is the 100% commissions that are offered in this program.

Is it really 100% commissions?

That was the question I had when I first jumped in and the answer is, yes, depending on what upgrade level you choose from.

The chart below shows you the upgrade options and at first glance, you might get sticker shock. However, when you consider the “roll up” factor from your downline members that don’t upgrade to those higher levels, you start to understand the potential of this money-maker.

Here’s How It Works:
$24.95/month will get you access to all the Pure Leverage tools.
$19.97/month gives you the first level rights to 100% commissions.
$97.00/month gives you second level rights to 100% commissions.

What’s important to understand is that you will need to upgrade to the reseller activation to gain 100% commissions which is the $24.95 + $19.97. To gain 100% commissions on the V.I.P. Access area would cost another $97.00.

While the $97.00 might seem like a hefty price tag, you need to consider what is lost if you don’t take that option. You see, if you decline that option and one of your downine members upgrade to the V.I.P level, that sale is passed on to the first in your upline that is upgraded to the V.I.P. level.  I didn’t join Pure Leverage right away and I lost several V.I.P. commissions to my upline as a result of my hesitation… ouch! If you have the means, choose this option as well so you don’t lose sales.

My favorite: Auto-Responder – A couple of years ago, I dropped Aweber because I got sick of paying a higher monthly cost as my list got bigger and bigger. Feeling great about building a bigger list and feeling rotten about paying more is not a good combination. A fixed cost for up to 10,000 leads is a much better alternative.

My favorite: Video Email – Producing ad copy with video is definitely a better way to increase your conversions in an already highly popular program such as Pure Leverage. I expect this service will take it to the next level!

In Conclusion:

Joel Therien runs a trusted and proven 14 year old company with a lot of support and following. Pretty much everything he touches turns to gold and has the ability to sustain in a marketplace where very few programs have that quality.

As mentioned on my primary page, it’s very important to promote a primary program in you online business. The alternative is to become a “program jumper” which can leave your broke and scammed by those without a proven history. This in not one of those programs so do yourself a favor and at least opt-in below to learn more.

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